How to buy pork from us.

We sell our pork by either selling it to you by the cut (on the farm or at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market) or by a whole or half hog. If you buy by the whole or half, you havetotal control of what cuts you get and how they are packaged (i.e. pork chops or a pork loin roast and packaged for a family of 2 or 4 etc.). 

Our pigs are typically in the 250-300 pound live weight range. A 250 pound pig on the hoof (live weight) is going to have a hanging weight of about 180 pounds. You pay us by hanging weight ($4.00 per pound) plus your share of the kill fee (currently $70 and reimbursable to us) and then you pay the butcher for the processing (cutting and wrapping). Our current butcher is  Smokey Ridge in Chewelah (if you need a hog with "skin on", please contact us so we can make those arrangements with a different butcher).

If you think a half hog is still too much for your family, then you are welcome to create your own "club", but we will need to deal with a single point person. We are also able to create a limited number of Heritage Hog Sampler Packs if you just want to try it out! Contact us for info!       

What do I get when I order a whole hog?  A live weight  of 250 will yield about 120 to 150 pounds of cuts for a full hog consisting of

  • 26 pounds of pork chops (1” - about 40-46 chops)
  • 6  pounds spareribs
  • 18 pounds sausage
  • 30 pounds fresh hams
  • 16 pounds bacon
  • 20 pounds shoulder roast
  • 8  pounds Butt pork roast
  • 10 pounds stew bones
  • 16 pounds fat – render to lard or make sausage with it and get trim instead of sausage

Pork the way it was meant to taste

509.624.3262  •  PO Box 30986 . Spokane WA 99223 US

"​Just a note to say WE LOVE OUR HOG!  I waited until I'd had a chance to to work through all the primal cuts, but everyone here agrees that this is the best hog we've ever had, and we've had many hogs over the years. Thank you so much!  When are you next hogs going to slaughter and are any still available?"Ed B

"So-o-o  good!!! We had the boneless roast last night. Rubbed it with cracked salt & pepper & a little rosemary & cooked it with granny smith apples & baby yellow potatoes.  Perfectly wonderful!  The leftover roast was even better today for lunch, sliced thin & served cold " Jan R​​ 


How does buying a whole or half work?

You pay us a deposit to hold your pork. We initially pay the kill fee and provide Smokey Ridge (509) 935-6213 with the contact info of  the "owners" of the halves. They will call you with the hanging weight and ask for your cut and wrap instructions. Please contact Smokey Ridge directly regarding costs and options, but typically it is 74 cents/pound hanging weight plus $1.89 on the weight of the hams and $1.49 on the weight of the pork belly for ham and bacon respectively. You will then write a check to: Heron Pond Farms for reimbursement of the kill fee plus the amount of your hog ($4.00 per pound of hanging weight less your deposit).  When you pick up your pork, you then pay Smokey Ridge for the cut and wrap costs.  

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But don't take our word for it - here are some quotes from our customers:

Our pork is from heritage pigs and tastes the way pork tasted generations ago.

NOT the other white meat

This meat is incredible. It comes from a heritage breed created when the farmers bred for taste first and foremost (followed closely by ease of keeping) and the farmers were their own primary customer. The meat is micro-marbled with fat, allowing it to self-baste as it cooks, keeping it moist and flavorful. Our pigs are grazed, not only because they like it, but it results in a wonderful red meat higher in Omega 3, conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA) and Vitamin E (higher than conventionally raised meat animals). Yes!! A beneficial fat!!!! (You knew bacon was good for you!) But enough with the technical stuff - it just tastes incredible!!​