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And then there's the meat! WOW!! This meat is NOT the other white meat! It is a rich, flavorful red meat that is somewhat life-altering. It may seem weird to raise a heritage breed that is considered endangered and then sell it for meat. But if there is no market for the animals, then there is no reason to raise them, no need to keep these wonderful pigs around, and then the world will lose them. 

Our research led us to Large Black Hogs. These hogs are the coolest! They are gentle and sweet, they are a true pasture-based hog deriving a significant portion of their nutritional needs from grass and hay, they are easy on the pastures if not over-stocked, they tolerate cold well and don't sunburn in the summers, they form strong family units, and are great parents. 

We first started as a small goat cheese dairy, and when you make cheese, a by-product is whey. And there's a lot of it! It becomes a significant management issue for storage and disposal. Pigs LOVE whey! 

As new farmers, we didn't know much about pigs or pig breeds. We have a natural inclination towards heritage breeds; our farm is striving for small-scale, sustainable synergism, and the older heritage breeds tend to do well in that type of system.

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