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Planning. After we built our homes (Shannon's parents also live on the property) in 2005, it became clear that it was  time for a career change for Lorie. With no immediate background in farming, we set out to explore our options. We took a Cultivating Success class, made some fabulous connections, did a lot of research, applied our business experience, and came up with a goat cheese dairy.  We built the barn, and started with just two pregnant goats. In 2010, we became a licensed, Grade-A Dairy. Lorie then spent 8 years creating a phenomenal array of soft and aged goat cheeses. In 2018 we made the decision to close the dairy after a deep review of our goals in light of changing needs. We also began to experiment with some ideas that we hope to share with you soon! Lorie works full time on the farm and is our managing owner. Shannon works off the farm, and provides support and sweat where needed. 

We are small, and will stay small. We chose our farm for a specific quality of life. Much bigger  and we would be unable to enjoy where we live. So we try to maximize our systems and make them  more regenerative, more sustainable. And we try to enjoy where we live and stay balanced and live in the moment.  And we share with you, limited quantities of the goodness of our farm. Thank you!


Luck. Family property and generous parents enabled us to build and move to this 20 acres with a view that always makes us stop and take a deep breath. We (Shannon Meagher and Lorie Arnold) have  been together since 2000, and finally made it official in 2013 (on the Farm, of course!) 

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When we built our homes, there were only weeds on the  property - acres of the "prettiest" thistle you've ever seen. Plus our gorgeous pond - with fish and frogs and yes, a seasonal resident Great Blue Heron. There were no trees or shrubs, or outbuildings. Lots of planting took place! We  learned how to drive  a tractor, cut and bale grass hay, and a thousand other things. We built muscles and confidence, gained experience and continuously learned (Learn) new things. And  cheese. We made lots and lots of cheese! 

Luck. Planning. Sweat. Enjoy.