We had goats, pigs and the Best Barn Cat (ever!).

First came the chickens and then the goats. When the hogs came, we remarked to each other that now there was no pretending - we were farmers! 

Then we made the hard decision to stop farming.

And found Verdant Hare Farmstead. Animals are again on our farm and it's wonderful! Follow Verdant Hare on Instagram, or Facebook (link to the website on our Welcome page) and see what is up with their sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens geese and whatever else is next. Oh yeah - and of  COURSE the market garden!

And follow Snapdragon Flower Farm (again, the link to the web page is on our Welcome tab) on Instagram and Facebook. Snapdragon Flower Farm brings so much beauty to our Farm and it's beauty you can take home!

We personally continue to maintain a  small flock of chickens primarily for personal use, the requisite dogs who primarily serve as doorbells, and Sebastian, the gray barn cat. He was raised by the best barn cat ever - Cranston. And while Cranston is no longer with us, he appears to have done an admirable job raising Sebastian. 

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