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August 26, 2017

Ricotta & Fresh Herb

Eucalyptus & Spearmint


We are not currently selling any cheeses on-line, but we are working on it. Please find us here

June 24, 2017  

Feta & Fresh Herb

Fresh Linen

Small Sampler Pack   - These packs are 5-6 pounds of pork & include bacon, sausage, & pork chops and are filled out with ham steaks, smoked hocks and/or extra chops  Shipping is not available $50.00




Rosemary & Spearmint

Looking for some BACK FAT(for soap making, or cooking or sausage making ...mmmmm) or LEAF FAT for making off-the-hook pastries?  CONTACT US for all special inquiries!

Medium Sampler Pack  - All these 8-9 pound packs have what's in the small pack plus ham and pork steaks, more chops and some have a ham or roast. You can request ham or roast preference and we'll do our best! Local pick-up only   $75.00

May 27, 2017

Ricotta & Feta

July 29, 2017

Ricotta & Feta

Large Sampler Pack   - These 11-12+ pound packs have more bacon and sausage, plus more!! Variations include roasts or ham - you can request a preference as available. Local pick-up only  $100.00

Orange & Dalmation Sage


Extra Large Sampler Pack These 14-15+ pound packs have 2 pounds of bacon and sausage, at least 6 chops, ham, and pork steaks, ham hocks, and ham!!!  We can provide preferences as available. Local pick-up only  $125.00

September 30, 2017

Ricotta & Feta


Cheese-Making Class Gift Certificates 

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Half Hog Deposit - This deposit will hold half a hog for you. We will contact you to discuss dates and particulars. Current availability - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE  $100.00


Milkmaid's Memories


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Whole Hog Deposit - This deposit will hold an entire hog for you. We will contact you to discuss dates and particulars. Current availability -  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE $150.00 


Mountain Christmas