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We are a proud member of the American Dairy Goat Association

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We have registered (American Dairy Goat Association) purebred Nubian goats. Once we decided to create a goat cheese dairy, we gave a lot of of consideration as to which breed we should choose. Nubians fit our bill - sweet milk with a high butterfat content. And those ears! How could you not?!?

WE HAVE CLOSED THE DAIRY, but still have some of our "pensioners" and several fabulous breeding does for sale!!  Contact us for information about purchasing some fabulous milkers from grate milk lines!

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We bottle feed all of our babies - we do this for several reasons. First, the goats see people as theirs and are very people-oriented. Second, as baby goats start eating forage, they start drinking less, and the does start producing less - as a dairy, we want them to produce as well as they can during the season. Third, it also preserves the health of the udder. (And fourth, feeding adorable baby goats is FUN!!!)