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Garlic & Sea Salt Chevre     - our fresh chevre with roasted garlic and sea salt. It is a  most  marvelous cheese spread or filling in chicken breasts or pork etc. Our personal dark, little secret is to use this as a dip with Ruffles ...shhh....don't tell ... 

Fresh Chevre     - Soft and spreadable and unendingly malleable. Put it on your bagel or toast, fold it into your pasta, drop it onto your pizza, add herbs, add spices. Go sweet, go savory, or stay plain. Make frosting, flavored spreads, dressings, dips or whatever creation sets you free. 

Our fresh cheeses are made from fresh milk pasteurized in our cheese kitchen. They are by their very essence, of and in the present, and are best eaten in the here and now. Our fresh cheeses are seasonal.

Feta  - Our feta is very firm and crumbles well. It is brined for a minimum of 10 days and can be maintained in your fridge in brine almost indefinitely. Add to your Greek salad, on pizzas, or to add that pizzazz to whatever dish you're preparing. Or make an incredible (and easy!) appetizer - crumble, mix in some fresh thyme or rosemary and drizzle with honey and collect the applause!

Fresh Goat Cheese – this fresh cheese is drier and firmer than our chevre. Crumble it on dishes, roll it in fresh or dried herbs and spices, cover it with chutneys or salsas. Let your imagination be your guide! 

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Fresh Cheeses

Whole Milk Ricotta – Have you ever tasted fresh, whole milk ricotta? it is utterly life altering!!! In your favorite lasagna, on toast, or paired with bruschetta as an appetizer. And desserts. Oh be still, my beating heart!!