Dairying, even on our small scale, is not for the faint of heart - the days are long and the goats don't recognize sick days, weekends, or holidays. But the rewards of our animals' trust and affection, and bringing cheese joy to our friends is worth it!

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We are a Grade-A Dairy licensed through WSDA - we are regularly inspected for our milk producer license and milk processing plant license. Even the farm is inspected.

During the cheese making season, Lorie's days start early with feeding and milking. From there, the milk is pasteurized and then the cheese(s) of the day are made.

For such a small dairy, we make a surprisingly large number of cheeses - both fresh/soft and aged. During the late afternoon, the girls are all milked a second time (generally by our wonderful employees), fed and put to bed.  

Fresh. Aged. Seasonal. 

We make farmstead cheeses - made on the farm and only with milk produced on the farm. This close association with a herd lends itself to creating seasonal cheeses, with flavor profiles changing as the cheese production follows our pastures and goats through each season. Cheese flavors follow milk flavors: our goats' milk is very sweet and mild. We make both fresh and aged cheeses.


Artisan. Farmstead. Local

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