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Farmstead Beer Cheddar – this is our farmstead cheddar, but the curds are soaked in our favorite porter, creating a subtle marbled color.  A very unique flavor profile and a definite hit when you're serving beer with your appetizers!  Sold in waxed rounds.

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Our aged cheeses are made from fresh milk pasteurized in our cheese kitchen. They are pressed and turned with loving care. Some are waxed. All age until perfection in our cheese cave, just waiting for the right moment for you.

Tower Mountain – Named after the mountain above our farm, this is a manchego-style cheese aged a minimum of 30 days. It grates well, shaves well, is phenomenal on a cheese plate (paired with cured meats, almonds and figs just to get you drooling) or stuffed into chicken breast or meat roasts. Sold in rounds.

Aged Cheeses

Gouda – our gouda is aged for a minimum of 90 days. It has excellent flavor and texture – grating, shaving and slicing well. It is smooth and a bit nutty, complementing flavors on a cheese board or in cooking equally well! It comes in waxed rounds.

Truffled Tower  - This is our Tower Mountain signature cheese with black truffle sea salt and black truffle shavings. The flavor is pronounced. It shaves and grates as well as slices. It is great on risottos or pasta. Sold in rounds.

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Farmstead Cheddar - This cheese has an amazing texture and flavor, especially after 60 days of aging!  It grates and slices well. An excellent addition to a cheese plate and incredible with fruit! Sold in waxed rounds.